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The Meavo Camden Meetingbox

An additional & independent space for your office




6.999 €
8.499 €


Free delivery & assembly

Meetingbox - Camden - front view

Convenient meeting in your Camden meeting pod
Available as a 2 or 4 person meeting box

You can conduct your meetings in a comfortable and quiet setting. In addition, the Meeting room offers you enough privacy and a pleasant ambience thanks to the acoustic features.

Top companies trust our Office Pods



The interior lining is made of special eco-friendly acoustic felt. Each booth contains over 1000 recycled water bottles!


31 decibel noise reduction, from “traffic” to “quiet library” noise levels. Get privacy when you need it – no more disturbing colleagues.


We are always committed to providing you with the best offer to deliver the highest quality at an unbeatable price.


Hochwertige Materialien

  • Special acoustic panels

  • Wooden decor elements

  • LED lighting

  • Smart Power Hub

  • Active ultra-quiet ventilation


Premium Interior

The natural oak veneer gives a warm feeling and durability.


Comfy benches with velvet fabric and extra thick padding!


Easy-access socket and USB ports keep you charged.


Available in any exterior color at no extra cost.

RAL Farben

Personal Consultation

Customized, unbiased advice with tailor-made recommendations

We recognize that each customer has unique requirements.

Our experts listen attentively and analyze your needs to provide you with personalized recommendations.

✅ Tailored solutions for your needs

✅ Time and cost optimization

✅ Comprehensive product information

✅ Well-founded selection help from experts

✅ Information about financing options such as leasing

Online Beratung für Raum in Raum systeme

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Active Ventilation

Four ultra-quiet fans keep heated meetings cool.

Presence Sensor

Activates the light and air circulation while saving energy!

Leveling Feet

Uneven floor? No problem!

LED Lighting

The 9W LED ceiling light will brighten up your day.

Smart Power Hub

A socket and 2x USB charge ports to keep everyone’s devices charged.

Comfy Benches

For those never-ending meetings.

Customer reviews

Zufridene Kunden

„I have conducted extensive market research, and the quality as well as the price-performance ratio of your office box is top-notch.

Dominic, Dottes Desks

„These booths have freed up our meeting rooms for actual meetings.“

Ella, Zinc VC

We’re doing our bit for the environment, with every single meeting pod shipped.

>1000 recycled plastic bottles used in each meeting room.


We donate 2 solar lamps to families in Zambia per office pod sold.



We plant 50 trees per work pod sold.

  • What is a phone box?
    A phone box is a soundproof cabin (room-in-room solution) that was specially developed for making phone calls. It offers a private and quiet environment for phone calls.
  • How much does the Soho phone box cost?
    The Soho Telefonbox is available for only €2899 and includes all functions . In addition, we offer you a choice of over 1000 RAL colors at no extra charge. Please note that delivery costs and assembly costs may vary depending on your address and specific orders.
  • What features does the Soho Telephone Box offer?
    The Soho phone box is fully equiped and packed with features including active ultra-quiet ventilation for good airflow, LED lighting with motion sensor for energy-efficient light, 2 USB A&C charging ports to charge your devices and even a wireless charging station for your phone.
  • What are the benefits of the Soho phone booth?
    The Soho telephone box is made of high quality materials and offers a noise reduction of 31 decibels. This allows you to make calls in a quiet and private environment, even in noisy or busy environments such as open plan offices or public areas. In addition, the telephone box is available in a variety of colors so that you can adapt it to your individual preferences and the design of your work environment.

Frequently asked questions

Learn about the features, pricing, customization options, and more. Read our FAQs for more information and to clarify any questions you may have. 

Is your team also looking for quiet areas for concentrated work and office well-being?

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